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EASYkleen Mark 1 PT 18 Stenciling System Kit photo

EASYkleen Mark 1 PT 18 Stenciling System Kit

Etching Stencil options:

Option 1: PT-18 Stenciling System Kit
Enables in-house stencil making on an 18 mm wide tape. Allowing simple stencil making which is perfect for serial numbers, logos up to 18 mm tall and standard “type” marking (name and address). This unique stencil system can be used to mark/etch or plate stainless with what you need marked at the press of a few buttons once the unit is plugged into your computer via a USB port. The pre loaded software allows you to type what you need on the 18 mm wide mask tape. Plug, play, paint - Etch or Plate.

Option 2: Long Life Stencil (1,000 + Markings)
Great for logo’s or brand names that are unique. These are ordered directly with metal science and are made specially, each one is custom made. For this option please contact Metal Science Technologies.

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