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mepBLITz Electropolishing Bath

The mepBLITZ DC-i5 is the first portable weld cleaning machine in the world to have an optional electro-polishing bath. The bath is liquid cooled and holds up to 40 litres of polishing solution.

This optional bath attachment is simply attached to the mepBLITz DC-i5 unit the same way that the torch handles are, by means of the screw coupling. This bath allows for full immersion of small parts (brackets etc) and depending on size, these parts can be lined up to polish multiple parts at once.

The bath comes with one single arm for racking your parts, but there is another two arms available if the parts are quite small.

There is "science" behind dipping parts in a bath for electropolishing, so contact us with details (size, material, qty, time) and the best procedure can be formatted for your requirements.

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